Happy Tails

Husky Education And Rescue Team is happy to share success stories! It is our dream and goal to make pets and people happy by bringing them together. 

We love to hear from our Adopters! Please share your comments about your H-E-A-R-T experience and pup with us!

If you haven't adopted a H-E-A-R-T- dog, start your own happy tail today!

Below are some of our 2018 Happy Tails!

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What is a foster fail, you ask?

It's when you commit to fostering a dog who is so amazing that you simply cannot stand the thought of them leaving. So they don't!

While we're always sad to lose a foster slot, we're thrilled our handsome Walt will not have to make another transition!

Thank you so much Hinson family for loving our guy! 💖 Happy Tails to our Walton 💖



Hogan's Christmas wish just came true!!!

Two months ago this guy was scheduled to be euthanized in a Georgia kill shelter. We saved him in the nick of time!

And today his new life begins!

Wishing our meat head the happiest of Howl-a-days and a Happy Tails! We love you Hogan!



It was such a busy weekend! But in such a good way! 🐾🐾🐾

Han is our fourth Adoption this weekend!

Han was a victim of a divorce and surrendered to a high kill shelter in GA. He was high heartworm positive. With your help, we rehabilitated him and searched for a pawfect home. Now we bid him Happy Tails!

This weekend we gave four Huskies the greatest Christmas gift of all 🐾🐾🐾




 🐾🐾🐾 Do ya'll remember Apollo? 🐾🐾🐾

We rescued him from an Animal Control in MD. He had been surrendered to the shelter, mislabeled as part wolf but the DNA test showed the shelter was wrong (he's pure bred HUSKY), adopted and returned for breaking out of his crate and that's when we said ENOUGH!

Apollo has been waiting patiently in his Husky savvy foster home for his Happy Tails! We knew we wanted a very specific family to care for Apollo and today his merry wish has come true.

With happy tears in our eyes, we send our fellow off to his new home! Help us bid him a Happy Tails! We love you Apollo 🐾🐾🐾



 Look what happened yesterday...
Willow was adopted! 🎄

Willow came to us from a rescue only high kill shelter in GA. We pulled her the day she was to be euthanized. She had a flea infestation so bad she was anemic.

Once we got her healthy we soon realized what a perfect little girl she is! And now she has a furever home for Christmas 🎄

Willow, we wish you nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness. Happy Tails sweetie! 



Look who's smiling! It's Polar! 🐾🐾🐾

Polar has waited a long time for a home with no other dogs. Today his wish came true! A team of six drivers helped get Polar to his new Dad, where they'll be living the bachelor life in Myrtle Beach!

Think he's happy about having a home for Christmas? We are too!

Happy Tails to our Polar! 🐾🐾🐾



🔷🔷🔷 ADOPTION OF THE Year 🔷🔷🔷

This stunning little lady is Arielle. Arielle came to us as a 4 month old puppy. Puppies are usually so quick to be adopted, but not Ari. She’s been with us for a year and a half!

Why you ask? Well, Ari was surrendered to us for hurting the small dog in the house. We knew that didn’t sound right since she didn’t even have her adult teeth, but we quickly recognized Arielle had something wrong medically. It took a special team of internists to diagnose her. Ari has low cortisol levels and a vaginal stricture that’s caused permanent incontinence. Her medical was addressed and is controlled by medication. Expensive medication. Who wants to take on a special needs case? Not many.

Until today! Ari’s new Mom works for a Vet and will be able to continue her care throughout her lifetime. She sees how special Ari really is and that besides taking some pills she’s just your normal, curious, beautiful Sibe who deserves a forever home. Arielle has been with us for so long that today’s Happy Tail is very bittersweet. It’s also a reminder that there truly is a perfect home for every dog.

Ari, you take a HUGE piece of our H-E-A-R-T’S with you today. You are loved by many and there will always be a place here for you, but we know you’ll be so loved in your new home.

Happy Tails our little Mermaid!!!



 🐾🐾 Was there ever a cuter face? 🐾🐾

We don't think so!

Our lil guy Finn has flown the coop and landed in his furever home. Goodness how we'll miss this precious sweetheart, but so glad he has a family of his own!

Happy Tails to our little love, Finn! 🐾🐾🐾 



 What's everyone smiling about???

A HAPPY TAIL for Amblin, that's what!!!

Amblin was saved moments away from euthanasia in a kill shelter. He has a birth defect in which he's missing part of his lip. Quite possibly that's why he's been with us for so long, but we think it just adds to his Husky character!

Well his new parents think so too! He was welcomed into their family today with so much excitement. We couldn't be happier for Ambi.

Help us bid him Happy Tails! Xoxo! 



🐾What a great day for a Happy Tails!🐾

Once living life on a chain, Oriana now has a Husky savvy Dad and a warm bed to call her own.

Do you think she's happy about it? 

Buster / Keva


 💕 Yesterday was an amazing day 💕

A team of six Husky Highway Heroes brought Keva and Buster Brown from NC to MD to meet their new families 💕

It was a long anticipated journey and both pups immediately offered kisses to their new hoomans. 💕

Help us bid Happy Tails to our Keva and Buster Brown  



Zeke is the Husky you helped us save who had been hit by a car and had a shattered leg.

Guess what? Today is hopefully his last bandage change! Next week his cast should come off!!

Think that's great news? It gets better...

Zeke has been adopted! A friend of his foster family's applied and has been approved. Once an uncertain future, Zeke's is now looking pretty darn fabulous!

Happy Tails to our guy! 💋

Kyowa / Daja


 After a long day of travel yesterday, our two girls made it safely to MD and joined their forever families!

They were both amazing little travelers and are starting to settle in with their new Husky brothers.

Daja was a WV save after being adopted and returned to the shelter and Kyowa was a GA save who had been shot. From kill shelters to forever homes 🐾🐾🐾

Our girls will only have good days ahead! Happy tails! 🐾🐾🐾 



 And there he goes 🐾🐾🐾🐾

Cooper went home with his new family tonight! From running the streets to a solid family of his own with Husky brothers. It doesn't get any better!

We knew Cooper would find an amazing furever home. Who wouldn't love those ears!?!

Happy Tails to our Cooper 🐾🐾🐾🐾 

Paisley / Miska


It's days like today our faith in humanity is restored. 💖

Paisley and Miska completed their journey from GA to their forever homes today.

Paisley was surrendered to animal control when her family was deployed unexpectedly. She was on death row. Her new family was bursting at the seams with excitement when she arrived today. We're so grateful they allowed us to match them with the perfect fit for their lives and took a chance on our Paisley.

Miska was left behind by her owner to die in a shelter. She's a bit of an older gal and has a debilitating spine disorder. Her new family applied with only her in mind. There aren't too many people who will dedicate the care and love she'll need during her lifetime. They are amazing and were equally excited for her arrival.

Two special dogs, two special families. Our H-E-A-R-T's are full tonight.

Happy Tails girls! 💖

Mia / Jude


 And just like that, they take a piece of our H-E-A-R-T's along with them.

Wishing Jude and Mia the greatest of lives.

Happy Tails! 🐾🐾🐾 

Zera / Everest


 Long hours.... Sleepless nights.... Missed meals.... Constant cleaning...

But THIS is why we do what we do! 🎉🎉🎉

To give our girls the best chance at a new life!

Both Zera and Everest had uncertain fates in the shelter. Now they have new Dads who will love them endlessly.

Happy Tails to our girls! 🎉🎉🎉 



🎉🎉🎉 Whoop Whoop 🎉🎉🎉

We're all celebrating at H-E-A-R-T this morning as Astro has moved on to his forever family!

This was our kid who was surrendered by his owner to animal control when he was picked up running at large. The owner claimed he could not keep him contained. Astro was head shy and malnourished. Just look at the confidence his foster family has restored in him!

His new family is Husky experienced and will make sure that Astro remains safe and loved for all of his days.

Help us wish our guy a happy tail!

Sloan & Chevy


What a looooonnngggg weekend for two of our handsome fellas! 

Our Sibe Saviors consisted of a team of 13 drivers who started out Saturday morning in Georgia and continued up to New Jersey last night.   

After 40+ hours of travel, our boys have new Mommies and we couldn't be happier for them.   

Both Sloan and Chevy faced death row with just moments to spare when they became H-E-A-R-T boys. Their promise to their new hoomans is unconditional love 

We bid you Happy Tails Sloan & Chevy!!! 

Juno, Romeo & Snowy


 Think Romeo, Juno and Snowy are happy about finding forever homes? Who's smiling the biggest?

All 3 Huskies were in kill shelters and Buster was abondoned in a box on the side of the road.

Rescued doesn't mean damaged.... It means eternally grateful because they have a story to tell. And in this case a very happily ever after.

Happy Tails to our loves 🐾🐾💗🐾🐾 



Broken and battered, Nimbus found himself on death row in a southern GA kill shelter.

He didn't smile. He wouldn't put his ears up. He had given up on life. He was preparing himself for the worst of fates.

We begged for a foster and the Lord-Price family agreed to open their home to save him. We treated him medically, but they taught him to smile again, to be confident again, to love again. And in return, they too fell in love. 🐾🐾🐾

And so we are happy to announce the Lord-Price family is officially foster failures and have chosen to make Nimbus one of their pack! We couldn't be happier for our guy 🐾🐾🐾

Happy Tails to our Nimbus!



💗 Man, oh man.... Is this a Happy Tail! 💗

Jewel and her two puppies were saved from a backyard breeder situation. Kimana and Togo have already found their forever homes. But Jewel has been waiting patiently for her own.

Her patience not only paid off, but Jewel will not have to make another transition. Our diamond in the ruff is being adopted by her foster family!

Jewel, we already know you're loved beyond measure. Live the good Sibe life beauty.

Happy Tails! Thank you Phoebe and family 💗



❤️❤️❤️ Every dog is special.... But sometimes you travel an unforgettable path with a dog who will always own a piece of your H-E-A-R-T ❤️❤️❤️

Mohegan was part of a hoarding case in Atlanta. The dogs were completely feral. Mo was one of the few who were rescued.

His foster worked so incredibly hard to teach Mo a kind hand and how to live in a home. We're eternally grateful to Candice ❤️

And today Mohegan became part of an amazing family, return H-E-A-R-T adopters! Moh, we wish you continued happiness and human kindness and we know you will be so loved as part of the Hurst pack.

Happy Tails to our Mohegan! ❤️❤️❤️



 A little over a week we saved Cicero from a rescue only kill shelter in GA. Perhaps you remember him? You helped us save him by pledging towards his vetting costs.

Only a week after joining his foster home the family knew he was one special guy. After all, he was named after his foster mom's grandfather. 💞

One of the best parts of fostering is getting to experience fate... And Cicero was meant to stay in his foster home..... FUREVER!

We couldn't be happier for our guy! Happy Tails to our Cicero 💞 

Akira, Riley & Luna


The stars aligned this weekend and three of our beauties found AMAZING homes!

Our girls are already so adored and we are grateful for their second chances.

Happy Tails to our Luna, Riley and Akira.

Adopt, don't shop!

Mr. Bear


 Look who's off to his new life?? 🐾🐾🐾

It's Mr. Bear!
Mr. Bear was abondoned on the side of the road in a box when he was just a pup. An amazing lady took him and his siblings in and asked us if he could be a H-E-A-R-T Dog! Of course we said yes!

And today he's off to a happily ever after! We couldn't be happier for our guy. Happy Tails to our Bear 🐾🐾🐾🐾 



 Another of Zera's miracle babies gets her happily ever after today! 🐾🐾🐾

Bidding Lyra Happy Tails! 



Sweet Sasha finished her two day commute to New Jersey this evening.

She jumped on her Mom like, "Hey, where ya been all my life?"

Sasha was such a wonderful foster, patient and passenger. Often makes us question why someone wouldn't want her.

Well now she's Erin's new shiny "Penny". A life worth saving.

Happy Tails baby girl! 🐾🐾🐾

Milow & Tonka


 Adopters Matthew and Suzanne decided to take a road trip to NC to pick up Milow today! ❤️❤️❤️

Upon their arrival they asked Foster Debbie who Milow's best buddy was because they were thinking about adopting two dogs! When Debbie informed them Tonka was his best friend, Suzanne was thrilled! ❤️❤️❤️

Suzanne had her eye on Tonka also but didn't know they were in the same foster home together. Tonkahas been with us the longest because he's epileptic. That tends to scare most adopters, but not Suzanne!

Talk about meant to be! ❤️❤️❤️

So today not only did Milow find his happily ever after, but Tonka did too! They both hopped right up in the truck to leave. Tonka refused to come to the window as he crashed in the air conditioning in the backseat.

Remmy / Thunder


 Adoption #8 and #9 brought to you this weekend by Thunder and Remington!

Our happy boys ended their journey in MD today where they met their new families and were welcomed with open arms.

Here's to wishing them Happy Tails ❤️ and to take a moment on this incredible Adoption weekend to wish all those pawsome Dads out there a Happy Father's Day ❤️

Sawyer & Monty


 We don't always get it right. Sometimes, no matter how hard we screen, it's just not a compatible fit.

But here at H-E-A-R-T, we stand by our dogs for a lifetime.

Adoptions #6 and #7 of the weekend are second chances for our Sawyer and Monty. We're pretty sure we got it right this time ❤️

Happy Tails fella! 

Arlo, Arla, Louie, Darby, Niko


What an amazing experience to watch some of Zera's Puppies find magnificent families!

Families came from MD, PA and NJ today to adopt these lucky munchkins. Each struck gold and will never know a troubled day.


Happy Tails to our Arlo, Arla, Louie, Darby and Niko. We love you guys!



 This tail is of Alexis. Alexis was dumped by her family in a high-kill shelter in the South because her family was going on vacation. When she was surrendered, they also turned over all of her paperwork including her AKC registration!

Alexis was a medical hot mess. Not only was she heartworm positive but had an entropion. That means her eyelid was rolling the wrong way. This is typically a birth defect so she was allowed to live the first two years of her life this way! Shame on those owners! 🤬

Well, H-E-A-R-T addressed all of her medical issues by treating her for heartworms, having her spayed and vaccinated and having the entropion surgery done. Through it all, Alexis had the most shining and happy personality of almost any Husky we have ever met.

Her family here in Maryland has been waiting for her arrival for months now! Today, now that she's medically sound, it finally happened! Alexis joined her family with a smile on her face and a wagging tail.

Odin / Magadan



Our blind in one eye, baby Odin and our stoic, handsome guy Magadan have gotten their happily ever afters! Both were left to fend for themselves on the streets, yet neither have an untrusting disposition of the human race. Truly remarkable, forgiving beings.

Humans should be as forgiving as dogs are.

Bidding our fellas Happy Tails! 🐾🐾🐾




Our wizard Merlin has been patiently awaiting his Camelot! And it finally happened for him last night!

His new family from NJ arrived in his Chariot and whisked him away to his happily ever after!

Happy Tails Merlin ❤️



 Astra was found as a stray in a rough part of town in North Carolina. So when her owners didn't come for her during stray hold, we were actually happy. But making us even more happy is that return adopters saw her little face and knew she had to become a part of their pack!

Bidding this sweet baby doll the happiest life possible and knowing she'll be adored beyond measure. 




Our boy Dallas has been through so much. He was purchased as a puppy, abused by the man of the house to the point his knee was shattered and left to heal on its own, confiscated through a protection order and surrendered to H-E-A-R-T before he was even a year old.

Through it all, Dallas' love for life never wavered. His amazing foster parents worked with him to teach him how to be part of a pack and how to feel secure. Today we send him on the next chapter of his journey with an adopter who will continue his transformation.

Happy life Dallas! We love you and are happy to have been part of your journey to a better life.



 It was a late evening arrival in New Jersey, but the boys met their new families and spread smiles all around. 😊😊😊

Duncan and Atlas, two of our Georgia boys, will now be living the good life. Duncan was surrendered to a kill shelter for killing chickens and Atlas was confiscated as part of a Husky hoard. Their worries ended last night.

Happy Tails handsomes! 😊😊😊 




Who's happiest here? 😀😀😀

Return adopter, Susette recently lost her beloved Sibe, Quantum. Taking time to grieve, she quickly realized a house is not a home without a Husky! 🏡

So in honor of Q, she opened her home to our Blue. While you can never replace a fur baby that passes, the greatest way to honor them is to save another.

Blue, you are already so adored! Happy Tails to you https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tf3/1.5/16/2764.png?_nc_eui2=AeF7zKAobtBme1rWyRLwPSISqFsIW0eROTd4lv85r3HmTHoS_khnfRuzXeNo24c6rNzeP4FN1Yjv5I4jIbmspZCFe4XLbf2XBRG_B75t-uebzg" width="16"/><3 Thank you Susette!

Sam, Kimana & Togo


 💝💝💝 Three Mommies had their days made today, on Mother's Day!

Sam, Kimana and Togo all joined their families this Mother's Day. What an amazing weekend here at H-E-A-R-T!

Cuteness and smiles all around! 💝💝💝

Bidding them Happy Tails! 



 Bowie was in a shelter in NC, sick with a terrible case of mange and other secondary infections.

This boys wouldn't have stood a chance except for amazing rescuers, our volunteers, who advocated to foster them. Because of their voices, he is getting a second chance at life and family today.

May his Tail always be a waggin! Happy Tails to our Bowie! 



 This is how we kick off the weekend at H-E-A-R-T... With a Happy Tails 💖💖💖

You may remember a few weeks back we posted Tahoe's shelter picture on our Facebook page. That single picture landed Tahoe with an amazing family and a Husky sister who shares the same name!

We hope Tahoe and Tahoe live happily ever after 💖💖💖 



 Screaming Happy Tails to our Dina!

Our North Carolina babu found her forever home in Maryland today. Surrendered to kill shelters for taking treats too roughly. Crazy, right?!?!

She now has a family who will help her to take treats gently and give her an abundance of love! We wish them nothing but the happiest life! 🎉 



Kenna was found as a stray in GA. Her microchip didn't come back to an owner and no one came for her during her stray hold. Being over crowded at the shelter, we couldn't leave her with an uncertain fate.

So Kenna joined the H-E-A-R-T pack and six weeks later hit the doggy jackpot as she joins Sam and Jay's family. Kenna is as beautiful inside as she is out and we could not love this match more!

Happy Tails to our Kenna!  #teamkenna 

Teena & Beth


What a long and exhausting, yet rewarding weekend! Our kiddos traveled over 1,000 miles from Georgia to New Jersey to meet their new families! ((Sorry for the dark pictures but it was a late arrival.))

Beth was a death row save who had to be treated for heartworm disease and multiple GI issues.

Teena was a death row save who has significant chemical burn scarring on her back, the entire length of her body.

But last night.... Their troubles are finally over and we bid Happy Tails to our girls, Teena and Beth! 



Kodiak is officially a member of the Pérez family!!

Kodiak found himself in an urban shelter in Maryland. We tried to help him but the SPCA beat us to it. Well the SPCA quickly found out they were not equipped to handle a stereotypical Siberian Husky and asked for our help! So Kodiak ended up a H-E-A-R-T Husky after all.

It's with great happiness Kodiak joins our alumni Goldi in a Husky savvy home! We love return adopters! Happy Tails! 



Archer got his Happy Tails!

Return Adopter, RayAnne has been waiting quite a while to meet this sweet guy. First we had to get him cleared of mange and treated for heartworms. Been a long journey but doesn't his smile just make it all worth it??

Bidding Archer an amazing happily ever after! 



This little girl has waited her whole life to have a Husky!

Today her dream finally came true... The smile on her face and tears in her eyes said it all.

Happy Tails to our Nova! 



Cuteness overload!

Another Happy Tails! This one to our Arthur. He definitely found himself the most perfect Husky home.

Arthur was surrendered to us after his owners weren't able to contain him in a chicken wire fence. DUH!

So happy we'll be able to watch him grow up! Thank you Jeanne and Daisy for fostering and giving him this chance!



Screaming Happy Tails to our Zorro!

Zorro came to us from an 86 dog hoarding situation back in August. It took some hard work by his foster Candice, but Z is now a social butterfly who loves everyone and found an amazing home today!!

Z, it's been a long journey! We wish you nothing but the best on life! Happy Tails sweetheart! 




We saved Redford from a kill shelter in Georgia. He was defeated and terrified. He would pee on the floor if you reached for him. The shelter was filling up fast and he was over looked by adopters and other rescues.

But we saw something special in this handsome fella!

And here we are, a few weeks later (March 2018), with our hearts brimming with joy as we bid HAPPY TAILS to our Redford. This picture shows the transformation of the terrified dog into a confident dog with his head held high as he shows you how proud he is to have a family of his own!



Addi started her journey out in Georgia.

She arrived to our office in MD in March 2018 where she met her new family. A family who is going to dote on her and make up for the 7 months she spent in a shelter.

This sweet girl is getting an equally sweet forever after. Happy Tails Addi! We love you!