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Thank you for wanting to rescue a dog!

The first step to brining home your next canine companion is to apply! Once we review your application, someone from our Adoptions Team will be in touch shortly. Please understand that we all work as volunteers, with a large volume of dogs and applicants, and many urgent dogs needing immediate rescue. It may take a few days (hopefully much less!) before we are able to process your application depending on the current volume of applicants. If you decide that you are unable to wait or you find a dog elsewhere, we understand. We just ask that you let us know so that we may focus on the next person's application.

Our screening process is very thorough and because of such, we have a very high success rate. We will contact your three personal references, your vet reference and your landlord, if applicable. Please let your references know we will be calling. The easier your application is to screen the better chance you have at being matched to your next canine companion. We will then conduct a phone interview to ask and answer any remaining questions and explain the remainder of the process. If compatible, we will arrange for you to speak with the dog’s foster family. This allows our adopters to make an educated decision if the dog of interest is right for their family and vice versa, as our fosters know our pups best. Lastly is the home visit. All residents must be present at the time our volunteer comes. We will allow you to schedule the home visit directly with the volunteer to coordinate all schedules and we’ll be as flexible as possible. Should all parties involved want to move forward, and the home visit be approved, we will prepare to transport your pup to MD or NJ if they are in a different state.Our available pets listed are in our foster program, all up and down the East Coast. We do not have a facility in which you can visit. Our transports take 1-2 weeks to plan and are all volunteer, so we ask you keep your schedule open and flexible on the day they are to arrive. Alternatively, if you wish to meet your pup sooner, you are welcome to travel to their foster home. 

If you have mentioned a specific dog, please keep in mind that we usually receive multiple applicants for each dog, and a submitted application does not guarantee an adoption. Also, we do not place dogs on a first come first serve basis, but rather, take the time to ensure the perfect match for both the applicant and the dog and thus review all applications. Our efforts are for both the dog and the applicant, and we feel it is very important for us to find you a dog that suits your family as well as the needs of the dog. For dogs with multiple applicants, applications that initially appear to be the best matches will be contacted for the initial phone interview first. After your application is pre-approved, we will arrange for you to speak with the foster family of the chosen dog. Please check back to our website for the most up to date information on each dog. Dogs listed as "Adoption Pending" or "No More Applications" on our site are no longer available.  If the dog you applied for is adopted, please let us know if you would still like your application to be processed for another dog we have, or if a similar dog becomes available. There are no shortage of beautiful dogs needing rescue, so please don't feel too disheartened if the dog you are interested in is adopted; with your patience we can find you a very similar dog. We get listings of dozens of urgent dogs daily about to be euthanized! 

We are able to transport our adoptable dogs to our rescue offices in Maryland and New Jersey. With any dog that you believe is a match for you, the two week "foster to adopt" trial period will be in place, whether you are able to meet them beforehand or not. This is done for your benefit to ensure that the dog is a perfect fit for you before committing to adopting. When at all possible, if the dog is not a match, we ask that you continue to foster the dog until an alternative home is found to minimize stress on the dog. At the time of adoption, we do require the adoption fee of $350.00 for adult dogs, $400.00 for puppies, post dated for two weeks.  Should it not work out for any reason during the trial period, the adoption check will not be cashed and can be returned to you upon request. 



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