A Tribute to Xavier….


Husky Education And Rescue Team remembers and honors important milestones of our organization. Through this page, we would like to thank everyone who made our organization possible. Learn more about the people and animals who helped us begin and continue our journey in Maryland. Start by reading about Xavier, who started it all. 


My husband and I never really understood the importance of rescues until 2003 when we got our second Husky, Xavier. For our wedding anniversary, we decided to expand our pack. This was before the time of social media when we relied on newspaper classifieds.

We visited several shelters but were looking for a young male who would complement our alpha female. We responded to an ad in the paper selling a litter of Siberian Husky puppies in Pennsylvania. What we didn’t know, or even understand, is that we were walking into an Amish puppy mill.

The puppies were being kept in a 4x4 meter outside wood enclosure with a dirt floor. Their mom was loose on the property but being kept away from her babies. Her coat was so coarse to the touch from being sunburned. The puppy we were interested in was known as “sleepy red.” Why Sleepy? It was because he wasn’t well.

We truly didn’t understand the gravity of the situation but knew our puppy was in trouble if we didn’t get him out of there. So we bought him. We did make a call to the local Animal Control and report our findings but I suspect the breeder wasn’t “breaking” any laws technically and nothing came of it.



Xavier was with us for 11 years but it was never expected he’d live this long. He became our $25,000 bionic dog. He has survived three different types of cancer, two torn ACLs (anterior cruciate ligaments), an esophageal stricture, incontinence, hot spots, inability to regenerate hair growth, severe arthritis, etc. Most couldn’t and wouldn’t continue to fight for and pay for the care he needed, but he was the light of our lives.

Through it all, he continued to smile at us and make us laugh with his Husky antics every day. No one smiled like our Xavier! He has taught us so much, mainly about perseverance and unconditional love. Xavier also drives our need to rescue dogs from situations like these.

Liver cancer finally took Xavier’s life in 2015 and he passed peacefully in our home in the care of our vet. He is a loss that we can never get over and we will continue to rescue Huskies in his honor. With each dog HEART saves, Xavier lives on because his life was not in vain. We love you always, Stink!

“If love alone could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”

For Siberians’ Sake,


Founder, Husky Education And Rescue Team